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At My Design Assistant, we support interior designers by supplying them with knowledgable professionals that help them to confidently hand off tasks so that they can focus on business development, design or taking the day off if they want.

All team members at My Design Assistant work as sub-contractors. We work to fill your schedule to give you the workload that works best for you.  You fit with the MDA team if the following describe you:

  • You are a self starter! Those that have seen the most success working with MDA are eager to learn, on top of new trends and techniques and willing to try new things.

  • You communicate clearly and with respect! Working virtually is tough, especially if it is new to you. This environment demands that you are on top of your communication game which means quickly communicating if you have a question, if for some reason you are unable to take on a task or for any other reason that may make it difficult for you to complete your tasks. Our team and our clients support us in so many ways, it is crucial and expected that all communication with team members and the designers we work with is respectful, purposeful and with the intention of building stronger relationships and business.

  • Team-player! While we might all work from our homes scattered across the US, our team connection is vital.

What we are looking for now, is this you?

​Floor plan/CAD Wizard-

  • Preferably Home Designer Pro but open to other programs. This requires extensive knowledge of constructing floor plans quickly and efficiently, basic floor planning rules,  ability to create professional renders and of course, the ability to interpret a floorplans and construction documents thoroughly. 

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