With Teamwork Implementation you...

  • Prevent costly Mistakes

  • Save Money 

  • Have a project roadmap

  • Have effortless, targeted team communcation

  • Are ready for Growth

Why Teamwork?

Teamwork is a comprehensive project management system that follows the basic principles of project management. Integrations help to ensure that you can save and share project elements effortlessly and task and project templates help to create consistency with handling tasks and the inevitable project hiccups that plague most interior design projects. Teamwork grows with your business and team so you can add elements as you need them.

What's Included...

  • Team strategy session to identify areas of focus and growth opportunity.

  • Full teamwork overview, product and add-on breakdown and implementation plan.

  • Teamwork set-up, guidance and 2 months of ongoing support

  • 2 Custom Project Templates

  • Up to ten task or task list templates

  • Basic integration set-up (dropbox, google drive, Quickbooks and any Teamwork add-ons) 

Key Teamwork Features

  • Customizable dashboard to keep focus sharp

  • Team Calendar

  • Team chat and video call feature with easy task assignment

  • Risk scoring and plan of action

  • Simple and effective Time tracking

  • Apps for project management and communication on the go.

  • Tags to keep tasks, notes and messages organized.

  • Customizable access settings

  • Integrations with the products you already know and love!

  • Integrated SOPs

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Collaboration and creation are the passions that drive us forward at My Design Assistant. We love that so many designers not only trust us to manage so many aspects of their business, but seek our advice in doing so on their own as well. We can't wait to work with you!

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