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With team member onboarding/coaching  you...

  • Improve team connection

  • Get access to our project and tracking templates 

  • Have a project roadmap

  • Develop effortless, targeted team communication

  • Strategize working together based on your combined strengths

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Why team member onboarding?

Onboarding new team members can be time consuming and stressful. How do you know you are on the same page? How do you confirm they are the right fit. In most cases, we work directly with your new or existing team member to train them on our tracking and procurement processes, the templates while helping them strategize managing the task on their plate and how to better support you  and your business. This process provides them a point person to go to with questions and concerns to allow the time you are working together to be more fruitful and productive.

What's Included...

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  • Initial survey to help you identify your pain points, and how you would like your business operations to look.

  • 2 months of weekly Strategy sessions to clarify your goals and identify and resolve roadblocks to your team flow.

  • Training on our procurement and tracking processes and templates.

  • strategy tailored to your unique way of doing business.


What you'll get:

  • Customized work plans and action steps

  • Efficient team communication

  • Streamlined tracking and procurement

  • Access to our templates and select customized templates for your interior design business.

  • Concentrated SOPS based on your unique business

  • A better understanding of key task handoffs

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Let's Build Something Together

We're here to help you build a stonger Interior design business

Collaboration and creation are the passions that drive us forward at My Design Assistant. We love that so many designers not only trust us to manage so many aspects of their business, but seek our advice in doing so on their own as well. We can't wait to work with you!

Packages starting at $500/mo

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