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Create Your Welcome Packet and Email for New Clients

When it's time to bring your new client on board, it can be a struggle to let them know what to expect from the process, but this step sets the tone for your relationship. Your welcome packet not only is a way to impress, but to also establish expectations for you are your client. I have attached a sample welcome packet you can work from and some things to include in your packet when you send it out. Read below and feel free to comment with your suggestions!

Important info to include in this document are:

Your contact information (including your address if you want them to send payment via check)

How to make out their checks to you

Office Hours – So they aren’t calling you at 10 pm! Also, so they know when they WON'T be hearing for you so you don't feel the need to compulsively check you phone on the weekend.

Meeting Rules – We require meetings to be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. We also require that any meetings that need to be canceled be done so at least 24 hours in advance so we can plan accordingly. Also, touch on where you will be holding meetings! Do you use Zoom or phone call? Are you open to meeting in person if location allows?

Communication – We talk about how in order for us to do our job well, we need to establish open communication with both the client and anyone else the client may be working with. We can’t plan that which we don’t know! Also, if you aren't into texting, put the kibosh on it here. To keep communication streamlined, I use a project management tool enables clients to assign task, comment on progress and share files in one platform. They can invite anyone from their team and this ensures we are all seeing the same communication.

Delivering  Your Welcome Packet

Depending on how you have set up your onboarding process, you might want to send this after your consultation to welcome your client aboard, or before the consultation to let them know what to expect prior to the call. I work as a virtual assistant for interior designers, so my business model obviously looks a little different than a typical VA, but I use my welcome packet to introduce designers to my process, the tools I use and what people who choose to work with me should expect. Then, after reading my packet, if designers choose to move forward in working with me they can schedule a call. You are welcome to use this template for your own business, just make sure to copy it to your Canva account first to leave the template for others to use as well.

Example Welcome Email: 

I'm so happy you are joining us!

Here is your welcome packet filled with your questionnaire and any other information you will need to know.If you have any questions, _____________________. Please answer fill it out by ___/___/___. 

Again, let me know if you have any questions after this questionnaire gets filled you, you’ll get...

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