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Create A Welcome/Introductory Video

Are you scared of using video (raising hand)? I am! BUT again and again we are hearing how video can benefit our businesses and the opportunities are endless. You can go live on your chosen social media platform (catch selected professionals live on the My Design Assistant Instagram), you can create tutorials or use it to introduce yourself to potential clients using the tips below.

You can choose if you would like to have an:

1) Introduction Video - delivered in an email before the discovery call

2) Welcome Video - delivered in an email after they become a client

Videos take your personal experience to the next level!

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a video introduction:

If they are worried that you might not be the designer for them, a video can assure them that you are someone that they could talk to.

You look like an expert.

If they are concerned that you don’t know your stuff, a video can establish you as an authority in the area of service they need.If they are worried that you will be intimidating, a video can show them how welcoming and easy to talk to you actually are.

Studies have shown that people retain information better from video and audio than they do from text alone. Using a combination of text and online video means your potential clients will remember you—and even have a face to put with the name!

Of course, it is important to remember that an introduction video isn’t just great for potential clients – it’s also great for search engine optimization and social and mobile marketing.

Here is a summary of some things that these video intro can include:

Introduction to You

Don’t forget to briefly give your name, position in the company and a little bit of background. People love the human factor.

**Introduction Your Team

Give them a tour of your team. Reassure everyone you are working with the best professionals.

Introduction Your Services

The most important thing for getting clients through an introduction video is telling them exactly what you can do and how it will benefit them. So don’t forget to point out all the services you offer.

Introduction Your Results

Showing/Sharing pics/stories of your work into your introduction video can be really powerful. An example of this would be introducing your business and then cutting to some of your work every now and then. A kind of, “We use this piece of equipment to achieve a really cool effect, and this is what it could look like on your video…”

Once you make your video you will embed it into the email that you choose. You will first need to upload your video to Vimeo or Youtube and get the embed code. 

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