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5 Ways a VA Can Support Your Business During the Holidays

This time of year is my FAVORITE!! I seriously love it. The snow, baking cookies, the cheesy holiday movies, and of course,family time. However, as magical as this time of year can be, it can be equally stressful. There is so much to handle during the holidays personally, that when combined with entrepreneurship, it can easily get overwhelming. To help keep this time of year on the calmer side for you, I have compiled a list of ways you can bring a Virtual Assistant in for the holidays.

Holiday Cards- Have you meant to send cards year after year, but never quite get around to it? Problem solved! This could be handled by either sending holiday cards directly to your VA or having the VA source and purchase them directly. Choose a personal note to be included in the card and include a list of names and addresses, and you are all set. Be prepared to be billed for any additional supplies the VA is required to purchase on your behalf or to pay in advance for things like stamps.

Create Holiday Graphics- Are you running a special promotion? Have an announcement you want to share? Many virtual assistants are versed in tools like Canva that allow them to easily and quickly create professional looking graphics specified for what every social media or marketing platform you plan to use them for. If you are looking to create an e-card to send to your clients, this is the perfect service for that too.

Personal Shopping- If you would like to show some extra appreciation to a special client with a nice gift for the holidays, you can have a VA shop for that. Provide details about the type of gift you would like to purchase, price range and any preferred vendors, and your virtual assistant can provide you with a list of options and even complete the purchase for you if you wish.

Presentation and Office Tasks- Perhaps the gifting and cards are not the struggle for you, but the work itself. Hire a VA to create your mood boards, floor plans and renders. Hiring a VA that uses the same programs that you do can help to ensure that you will be able to edit the files at a later date as needed

Time blocking your Schedule- If you follow my social media, you might have seen my video about how I have been using a VA to time-block my schedule to help make sure I get my work done in a timely fashion. While you could easily sit down and create your schedule yourself, the issue isn't whether you can do it, it's if and when you will do it. Setting the time aside for someone else helps to ensure that you can use your talents where they make the most sense to move your business forward.

There are 5 simple ways you can hand off tasks this holiday season and partake in a little more of the merriment we are always hearing so much about. Are you wondering where on Earth you are going to find a VA to help with these tasks? For starters, check out the VA Directory here, or join the MDA collective Facebook group here.

Happy Holidays!


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