The Value of a Virtual Assistant. What's Next for My Design Assistant...

Most interior designers have experienced overwhelm at some point in their business with little to no idea of where they can turn to reduce their stress or workload. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to add a trained member to your team with a vested interest in your business, typically at a reduced cost to your bottom line compared to a permanent employee. Currently, I am working on bringing you the My Design Assistant Collective, a collection of professionals eager to help interior designers build and manage their best business. I have been talking with talented virtual assistants in different fields, such as general admin services, bookkeeping, and website design, so as an interior designer, you can find nearly all the services you need in one place. With all these individuals in one place, that means your billing is simplified and your team communication is fluid. I have been working as a virtual interior design assistant now for over two years doing a little bit of everything for you all, and now, I'm looking to brings in even more talent that expands the capabilities of services from My Design Assistant far beyond what I could ever accomplish on my own.

Bringing these virtual assistants to one place means we all need to meet on common ground, which in this case will be a project management platform that allows us to store documents, assign tasks and communicate all in one place. This effectively limits your obligation as the middle person between services. Elevate your business by providing beautiful renders, stay on top of projects, and have the energy to project your best self to your clients. You can utilize as many or as few of the services provided by the MDA collective, but know, the more well rounded your services, the more smoothly your business will run. Think of it as the opportunity to run your small business with the team of a large firm.

So often when people first start their business (myself included), they are hyper focused on reducing their bottom line and intent on being all things in their business. The end result? You end up spending far too much time on tasks you are unable to complete efficiently, therefore reducing your productivity on your big money making services and increasing your stress and overwhelm. Imagine having a streamlined process for clients from the minute they reach your website to when they receive your invoice. In addition, My Design Assistant also has the ability to source and order trade product through a variety of vendors while tracking the order from start to finish.

I am so excited to start offering more well-rounded and whole services for interior designers. My goal is that My Design Assistant is your instinctual answer for all things related to running your interior design business. If you think your next project could benefit from a virtual Assistant, let's get in touch! Collective services set to start in Mid-May! Warmly, Brittanie

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