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Project Management Tools For Interior Designers

There are soooooo many opinions out there about running a business and nearly as many tools to do so! How can you possibly keep up? We are all unique and so are our businesses. One thing I think most of us can agree on, is streamlined is best. The less work you need to do to maintain your business, the better. One of the perks of my business is getting to see, and in some cases use, the huge variety of tools out there for interior designers.

When I first started my business I had no clue where to start or even how to research what I needed. As a default, I just went with the first system I heard of on the first podcast I found. it turned out, the program was not for me and I ended up feeling way over my head. So the search began.

I have tried several different project management platforms in an effort to streamline my business and simplify communications with my designers. As I am sure is the same with all of you, I am always trying to maximize my billable hours and reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary or redundant processes. I am all about automation when possible! I have realized that no platform seems to fit all needs, but you if you are willing to combine tools, you can come pretty darn close.

One platform I did not include on the worksheet, but I do feel is worth mentioning, is Dubsado. A runner-up, if you will. Dubsado has a very reasonable price-point of $35.00/ month. It also allows for communication within the program that is integrated through your email, survey templates and a pretty comprehensive client dashboard. The program itself, I believe, is actually designed primarily for virtual assistants, but it could be a great tool for designers, too. I did not like the billing part of the program, which is ultimately why I stopped using it in my own business.

Now, for what you all came for!! For the most part, this tool is a straight forward comparison of several of the project management tools that are out there. I list the features, pricing and accessibility options for each with a note about my personal experience as well. I hope you find it helpful!

Click here for your Project Management Comparison Chart

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