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Podcasts To Shape Your Life And Business

I love music and I love to do some mean car karaoke, but more and more I find myself listening to podcasts when I am driving or working instead of the radio. There is just so much knowledge to be had out there!

I don't know about you, but I thrive from solving problems, creating new processes and learning new skills. When I worked in social services, my favorite part of my job was when we sat down as a team and talked about and resolved an ongoing issue with a client. As a business owner, I love learning about all the different channels of running a business, such as marketing and management. Let's be real, there is a lot to learn about business!

My favorite part about podcasts is that they are so accessible. There is a podcast about nearly everything you could ever be interested in, and you can listen to them while you are working, walking, driving, giving your kids a bath...whenever. If it really resonates with you, then you can repeat that episode again and dedicate time to make the changes at your own pace. I can assure you, that if there is something you have been confused about or need to resolve in your design business, one of these podcasts below will likely hit the spot.

Here are my top picks right now!

A Well Designed Business- Hosted by Luann Nigara. You knew it was going to be here, right? Luann's podcast features businesses with innovative and successful business strategies that can be implemented across multiple business models. She asks great questions and each episode is loaded with content. If you haven't listened to A Well Designed Business before, you can check out this episode that features My Design Assistant.

The Kate Show- Another A Well Designed Business Alum, Kate Greunke has a thriving business offering various marketing and branding options for home professionals. Along the way she has begun to compile all that marketing goodness into a podcast for your listening pleasure. Kate's podcast provides listeners with actionable steps that can be applied to your website, newsletters, social media marketing and more.

The Design You Podcast- Hosted by Tobi Fairley, this is the newest one (to me) on my list and I am IN LOVE. This podcast is more about living your best life. I know most of you are small business owners, like myself. Sometimes we get so bogged down in what we want to do and chasing our tails, that we forget to find time to relax, enjoy the fruits of our labor and sometimes even completely lose site of our overall goal. I've started her Design You Blueprint, and if you do nothing else, I highly suggest you go to her website and snatch that up as soon as you can.

The Goal Digger Podcast- This podcast is hosted by Jenna Kutcher. This podcast is one I listen to super regularly, even when I occasionally feel the need to got through a podcast fast. The podcasts I listen too have so much great information, that sometimes I just start feeling like I am flailing because I feel like I should be implementing all this great advice, but I just don't have the capacity. The Goal Digger podcast is inspiring, motivating and the perfect podcast that allows you to take assessment of where you are in your life and business right now, and where you want to be.

What is the best information you have gleaned from listening to podcasts? Which is your favorite?

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