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Do You Know Ivy?

It can be so empowering to be your own boss, but running a business takes a lot of work, especially if you are a solopreneur. Suddenly what is typically done by a team of people may be the responsibility of one person. Yikes! One of the amazing things about my job is that I get to interact with so many talented designers and strong business owners, which means I can learn from them. Recently, one of my clients introduced me to Ivy.

At first I looked at Ivy because I would be using it to work with this designer and I wanted to learn more about the program. A fantastic tool of Ivy is that you can create a custom login for an associate at no extra charge. That means I was able to get access to this designer's saved documents, products and projects in order assist them without them always needing to send me a pile of information. You can also share a project with clients so they can see the progress as it comes.

The Ivy team has produced an attractive platform at a reasonable price. They are quick to respond to questions and suggestions and frequently post tutorials. There are so many things I love about this program that I would hate overwhelm you with all of them in one post, soooo I'll post more about them here and there, or you can check them out yourself here. Alert! If you do sign up through this link, IVY has been kind enough to offer a little something for my self as well. I loved the program so much, I asked if I could represent it on the blog. Just know that while I may receive compensation, this is a product I truly believe in.



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