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5 Podcasts Interiors Designers Should Listen To

I love podcasts! I really love them! They are a great way to hear from people who are or are becoming the business person that you want to be. Podcasts are like free education, and I immersed myself in them when I first started in interior design. I knew the designer I work with primarily took a shot on an unknown with no experience, and I was determined to show that I belonged. Almost anytime I am in the car or when I am working in the office I am catching up on my podcasts. I've listened to a few I haven't been so fond of, but here are my FAVORITES and why.

-A Well Designed Business-

This podcast is hosted by LuAnn Nigara of Window Works in New Jersey. Many of you probably found me from an interview I did with her which you can listen to here if you haven't already. LuAnn is to the point, honest and asks great questions. I learn so much from her podcast each week because she dissects what people are trying to say and makes it clear for everyone, no matter what level or experience you have.

-The Chaise Lounge Podcast-

Nick May hosts this podcast, also focused on interior design. His initial focus was talking to interior designers who worked internationally, but has recently begun to introduce smaller design firms and product manufacturers. Where Luann focuses more on different aspects of the business of interior design, I find that Nick focuses more on each designers journey and how they got where they are.

-The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast-

This podcast is ran by Shane and Jocelyn Sams who have managed to replace their teaching incomes fully through online ventures. I am going to nerd out for a minute because I love these two. I have always wanted to be a southern belle (I'm from the North), and everything about their intro, music and their accents has a flare of southern charm. Their podcast is unique in that they provide business coaching to their community members on air rather than interviewing established businesses. It's so helpful to hear the thoughts of someone experiencing your same struggle and how they are coached through it. If their is something in particular I am trying to figure out, I'll scroll through their episodes to find the answer. There is a lot a great information here.

-The Biz Chix Podcast-

Ran by Natalie Eckdahl, this podcast also features on-air coaching, but it isn't the primary focus. The Biz Chix podcast is targeted towards female entrepreneurs, but there is good information for everyone. She shares things she has developed in her own business and provides generally helpful information. I haven't figured out how episode 254 " Design Your High End Offer..." applies to me, but I like the idea of it! I'm sure an Interior designer could do something really fantastic with the idea. Natalie also has a business strategies Facebook group, The Biz Chix Coop, people can request to join. The group is an extension of the information she has on the podcast, and you can learn from other group members as well.

-The Side Hustle Show-

The Side Hustle Show is the product of Nick Loper. Okay, so this one really doesn't have much to do with interior design, BUT it will get you thinking outside the box! You know when things start to become humdrum, unchanging and you find yourself in a rut? That's where this podcast can help you, and this show is actually the one that really inspired me to get started with My Design Assistant. Nick has a variety of people on his show from all different experiences and backgrounds and shares his own professional growth as well. If you want to shake things up, but aren't sure quite how...or if you just want to start something on the side, this is the podcast to listen to.

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes, but I just included the websites here so you can learn more about the hosts themselves. Any of these are a great listen, and I hope you enjoy them. If you learn something fantastic or you have a personal favorite, share it in the comments!

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