Welcome! The My Design Assistant Blog Launch. Who is My Design Assistant?

Welcome to the the My Design Assistant blog. Here is a quick rundown of who I am.

* My name is Brittanie * I LOVE candy...of any kind...at anytime * I pretty much operate on sugar and coffee

* I live in the Beautiful state of Oregon * I have a B.S. in Psychology of Oregon State University

* I am a mother * I am a wife * I love interior design * I love to learn new things * I lean towards a rustic, glam design style.

So now that you know more about me, let’s talk about how My Design Assistant could work for you.As you now know, I love interior design. I read about it, watch shows about it and seek opportunities to practice it. I also have worked in interior design as an assistant and am in the process of being certified as an interior designer.

With My Design Assistant you are working with someone with experience, knowledge and the drive to make your business better. My Design Assistant consists of me as the sole employee. That means you will talk directly to the person who will be doing the work for you.

The My Design Assistant Blog will focus on providing articles that help interior designers build stronger businesses, find a balance between home and work life and I might even mention some ways that My Design Assistant can help too. Thanks for stopping by!


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