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Agreement for My Design Assistant Virtual Assistant Services


My Design Assistant is a small virtual assistant company that specializes in

assisting interior designers.


My Design Assistant Responsibilities:


-Listen to and understand the needs of the designer/client


-Produce requested product to clients by the specified date/time (unless

other arrangements are made).


-My Design Assistant uses the following programs. If other programs are

requested, My Design Assistant will only do so if it has low financial impact

to the business or has become a necessary part of conducting business.


● Adobe Photoshop

● Chief Architect Home Designer Pro (compatible with AutoCAD)

● Ivy

● Olioboard

● Microsoft Word

● Microsoft Excel

● Skype

● Trello


Fee Structure:


Hourly Service: Projects will be charged on an hourly basis for $40 per hour. Invoices for hourly projects will be sent out by the 5th of the following month that services we provided. EX- Services provided in the month of August will be on the invoice you receive in early September.


Package Service:  Designers can purchase one of three packages. Packages require a 3 month commitment. A third of the balance will be billed the month the package starts, and the remaining balance will be billed at the beginning of the second and third months of service. For example, if a designers elects to start a 5 hr per month package in June, $150 will be billed in June at the start of services, $150 will be billed the first week of July and the first week of August. Designers will receive an invoice showing time spent on projects each month but this will often show no balance due as this service requires hours to be prepaid. Hours will roll over from month to month to ensure that designers have ample opportunity to use all hours, but all hours are requested to be used within 120 days of the package start date. 




-5hrs / month- $150 / mo.


-10 Hours / month- $300 / mo.


-15 hours / month- $450 / mo.                                                                                                                       



How it Works:


Communication: The primary form of communication is email and/or Trello. Communicating this way allows us to easily review the details of our conversation and the items that have been sent. When a phone call is needed, it can be scheduled on or arrangements made via email.


Designers may communicate their projects via a telephone conversation or e-mail initially, but all project details and communication regarding that specific project will be housed in Trello .Please indicate completion date desired, the format in which the task should be completed (program, special features or appearance), examples of past relevant projects (if available) and any necessary information needed to successfully complete the task (measurements, product specifications, photos, etc.). A new project template will be available to you in the Trello board created for your business which will also include new project forms for 3D renders to help to ensure all necessary information is collected.


Privacy and Confidentiality:


Without exception, the detail of any given project and the client’s information is kept in confidentiality with only specific job related details conveyed to other suppliers as required. By signing this agreement, the designer accepts the responsibility to keep the business arrangements between themselves and My Design Assistant. Occasionally My Design Assistant may want to share elements of projects in process for marketing purposes. My Design Assistant will always seek permission before posting an element of a project with a designer.


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