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A monthly retainer package to take care of website edits, tech, and other graphic design and maintenance tasks to make your job easier. From quick edits to large-scale customizations, you are free to focus on your design work and leave the tech stuff to me.


This could include things like:

  • Adding a landing page to your website to advertise a new service or portfolio item.

  • Adding opt-in pdf to your website

  • Changing around pages on your website

  • Tweaking things you can never get “just right” on your site

  • Fixing domain and tech setup on your website

  • Adding in portfolio items with SEO in mind


Why Use a Website Designer Retainer?

  • Plan your project deadlines with confidence- A Guaranteed amount of prioritized work each month.

  • Discounted Rates - You get a discounted rate compared to normal web design fees

  • Less Admin - eliminate multiple invoices to track on a per-project basis

  • No Overhead - you get the access to a professional designer without the overhead associated of an employee or web agency.

Contract Designer-3 MO commitment