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Hello! I am so glad you are here. I'm guessing if you landed on this page, you have either started your VA business or have been thinking about it. I know first hand, this is not an easy industry. Interior design is nuanced, intricate and never boring. Don't worry, you're not in this alone.  Whether you are looking for community support, education or a way to reach new clients, I've got you covered.

MDA Collective

 We gain so much more ground when we listen to and work with each other than when we are in the weeds on our own trying to survive in unknown territory. For the last few years, I have been asked by aspiring virtual design assistants how to start and grow their VA business. Now, I am finally able to offer advice within a structured way that allows you to gleen the information I have gathered from my successes and failures over the last three years and put it to use in a functional way.

  • Guidance based on current trends, business practices and the experience I have gained over the last three years serving interior design professionals.

  • Action items you can put to work almost immediately with limited prep

  • Curated content constructed from common questions, pain points and the needs of the group as it evolves.

  • A community of peers for support while you navigate entrepreneurship.

  • Bi-Weekly calls to discuss the monthly topics and questions about implementation.

  • Business templates.

  • Help to utilize your past experience and current passions to support designers even with limited design experience.

  • Advertising on the MDA Virtual assistant Directory and guidance to creating a profile that will help you and your skillset stand out.


I'm excited to meet you and help you grow a business you love in the ever-evolving and exciting world of interior design.



$67.00/ mo

Starting April 1,2020

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