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Revolutionize your client experience...

What's the difference between between staying at a Motel 6 and the Ritz Carlton? The experience! Sure, they both provide you a place to sleep at night, one might even give you a free breakfast, but there is an obvious difference in tone from the minute you pull in and are greeted by the staff. High-end hotel chains are not concerned with having the best rate, but that the client experience is pleasantly memorable. In this session, we will map out the top categories in which client satisfaction is measured and provide a roadmap to make sure your brand experience will be one your clients fondly remember.

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Why your client experience matters. . .

I bet you started your business with a grand vision in mind. You probably saw a gap in the market that you knew you could fill. Somewhere along the way, life and business might have got in the way. It happens, and most of us have been in that same exact position! Here is the thing... if you are feeling rundown, like your tank is on empty and you are losing steam, it may be a much more simple fix than you realize. Don't worry, we'll help you get there!

What's Included...

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  • Templates that take you from consultation to PO Close-out

  • Training on the Smartsheets system and how to customize templates to fit your business

  • Training on our procurement and tracking processes and templates.

  • Training on creating customized and integrateable dashboards, targeted reports, assignment and follow-up lists, summary reports and more!


What you'll get:

The MDA team uses a program called Smartsheets to manage client tracking. The program contains many of the characteristics of the excel and Google Sheets that you are already familiar with but with WAY more functionality. After completing this program, you'll be able to hold item tracking communication in one central location, create reports updated in real-time, create dashboards that provide real-time updates to free your time and build confidence in your team and client relationships. 

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Let's Build Something Together

We're here to help you build a stonger Interior design business

Collaboration and creation are the passions that drive us forward at My Design Assistant. We love that so many designers not only trust us to manage so many aspects of their business, but seek our advice in doing so on their own as well. We can't wait to work with you!

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