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Welcome Packet Workshop

  • Showcase your business in the best light

  • Highlight the benefits of working you 

  • Have a project roadmap

  • Provide clients a clear expectation of working together

  • Reduce unnecessary time spent on discovery calls

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Image by Jonathan Borba

Why take this workshop?

A welcome packet is your ticket to freedom! Freedom from redundant conversations that suck up your valuable time, freedom from projects that don't match with your ultimate goals, freedom for client-misconceptions and potentially costly mistakes.

This work shop will provide you a template and walk you through the key components you should include in your welcome packet.  We then walk you through distilling that packet into an informational guide for those looking to learn more about you.

What's Included...

Image by Lukas Blazek

  • Canva templates

  • Content guide for welcome packet

  • Content guide for information packet

  • Applications for use.

Home Decor

Let's Build Something Together

We're here to help you build a stonger Interior design business

Collaboration and creation are the passions that drive us forward at My Design Assistant. We love that so many designers not only trust us to manage so many aspects of their business, but seek our advice in doing so on their own as well. We can't wait to work with you!

Yep, it's free! Our gift to you!

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