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I help designers reimagine their efficiency to develop a life and business they love. Somewhere along the line,  the business we started for freedom of time and finances, can begin operating in exactly the opposite manner. It becomes a cash and time consuming monster! That doesn't have to be your reality. Let's work together to streamline and focus your offerings, work more efficiently and prepare you to be a master delegator.

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Build a sustainable business...



The strategy session is best suited for interior designers that are confident to implement alone, but need some assistance identifying a starting point and developing a plan.  

I specialize in team management, delegation and and systemizing. You choose where we should focus our energy! Use this service to iron out a redundant or time consuming process, analyze your software suite to determine best practices, prepare to hire and more! I'm here to help you dig deep in this 90 minute call.



MDA has united countless virtual assistants and designers, which has required us to really nail down our process, communication strategy and delegation process. We'll evaluate the current health of your business, assess your current practices and determine where you want to focus the most energy. From there we'll create and implement and actionable plan to see BIG changes in your business.


I have walked designers through hiring, firing, and ongoing tam management. I pride myself on creating a positive communication strategy and taking the sting and "uncomfy" nature out of even the most difficult conversations.



Sometimes small virtual meetings just aren't enough. Maybe you just want to get things done sooner rather than later, or perhaps you learn better in a more 1:1 intensive environment. With this service, I come to you. Pricing quoted is for a two day minimum. 

This service includes:
-Daily catering to ensure that you are able to fully focus your attention on improving the operations of your business.
-Consulting for up to 3 team members maximum
-Personalized consulting schedule tailored to your business needs.
-Access to the MDA template library as needed
-5 hours a day dedicate to you and your team


"I saw of Brittanie had built her team, and was so impressed with their efficiency and growth. I knew I had to work with her"- K.S.

I like to think I made all the mistakes in advance so I could be prepared to help you. My voice teacher used to tell me I would be a terrible vocal coach because I was already a good vocalist, but I didn't know why. I had never had to work to achieve that standard.  


Let me tell you, my music path and entrepreneurial path have been quite different. I have made all the mistakes in business, including client interactions, team management and especially boundary setting. But I kept pushing through and moving forward with a commitment to learning. You don't need to show up perfectly, just show up, and let's work work through it together!

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