Should you Hire an Employee or VA for Your Interior Design Business?

What is the Virtual Assistant Structure? Hiring a VA vs Hiring internally Virtual assistant services are relatively new to the mainstream platform. In fact, often when I explain what I do, people don’t quite understand. As with anything new, there can be some fear and hesitation. Hopefully that’s what I can help you with today. There is a ton of value to having a virtual assistant. For example, you are not nailed down to hiring one person to multiple tasks that they may be “okay” at doing. You can hire several or even just a couple VA’s to perform tasks and skills they are great at and are eager to do. As an added benefit, it helps to make your business more efficient. When I worked with an

New Client Questionnaire

Use this New Client Questionnaire to connect with your next client at the start of their project.

How To Use Trello

I use Trello to track product orders for projects. It allows me to add the related documents, set reminders and show current order status.

New Client On-boarding Flow- Autoresponders

As a designer, you cannot be in two places at once and you can't be checking your email all the time. In fact, often it is suggested that you don't check your email until you have already checked a few tasks off your list so you don't fall into the rabbit hole that is responding to emails. An easy way to respond quickly to your clients and without taking your attention away from other important tasks is through the an auto-responder. Use auto-reponders from your gmail account, website and other systems such as Convert kit. Here's a little about how it works. First, the client fills in your contact form or emails you. These options should be easily identifiable on your website, such as a cont

Virtual Assistants for your Interior Design Business

Hello there! How's it going?! If you have been following me at all, then you have likely heard about the newest evolution of My Design Assistant, the MDA Collective. My goal this year was to expand my ability to serve interior designers in as many area's of their business as possible. I had started with bringing on an assistant, but then thought I could possibly go even bigger. So often during my consultations I have been asked about services outside of my scope or asked to provide referrals. I am happy to oblige when I can, but what I have realized is that typically for a busy designer, that is just one more step they need to take to consult with and hire another individual. With the colle

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