Newsletter Tips with Kate the Socialite

Kate Greunke is someone we should all admire. She is a savvy business lady, on top of her game and has a generous heart. Kate and I connected after I was featured on A Well Designed Business podcast. She immediately offered to help out a fellow solopreneur, and as I think you'll see from the interview, she is willing to give some of her best tips so we can be successful...or you could just have her do it. Enough from me, I'll let her tell you. Guest:Kate The Socialite Tell readers about yourself. What drives you? What is your favorite part of your business? I love to help interior designers be better marketers without paying thousands of dollars a month. So many interior designers, especiall

Tips For A Productive Introductory Interview

Sometimes it can be really intimidating to meet a new client. Will your ideas be what they are looking for? What is the scope of their work? Are you charging the right prices? All of these things are a matter of perspective, so you can’t prepare for it all. You can, however, make sure you get as much valuable information as possible to make sure you start on the right foot. I have years of Human Services and banking experience which has allowed me to hone my interview skills, but with this experience I realized that my new client interviews have been somewhat lacking on my part lately. I have found myself in a rut, not running the interview as efficiently as I could. I decided it was time to

Do You Know Ivy?

It can be so empowering to be your own boss, but running a business takes a lot of work, especially if you are a solopreneur. Suddenly what is typically done by a team of people may be the responsibility of one person. Yikes! One of the amazing things about my job is that I get to interact with so many talented designers and strong business owners, which means I can learn from them. Recently, one of my clients introduced me to Ivy. At first I looked at Ivy because I would be using it to work with this designer and I wanted to learn more about the program. A fantastic tool of Ivy is that you can create a custom login for an associate at no extra charge. That means I was able to get access to

5 Podcasts Interiors Designers Should Listen To

I love podcasts! I really love them! They are a great way to hear from people who are or are becoming the business person that you want to be. Podcasts are like free education, and I immersed myself in them when I first started in interior design. I knew the designer I work with primarily took a shot on an unknown with no experience, and I was determined to show that I belonged. Almost anytime I am in the car or when I am working in the office I am catching up on my podcasts. I've listened to a few I haven't been so fond of, but here are my FAVORITES and why. -A Well Designed Business- This podcast is hosted by LuAnn Nigara of Window Works in New Jersey. Many of you probably found me from a

Welcome! The My Design Assistant Blog Launch. Who is My Design Assistant?

Welcome to the the My Design Assistant blog. Here is a quick rundown of who I am. * My name is Brittanie * I LOVE candy...of any anytime * I pretty much operate on sugar and coffee * I live in the Beautiful state of Oregon * I have a B.S. in Psychology of Oregon State University * I am a mother * I am a wife * I love interior design * I love to learn new things * I lean towards a rustic, glam design style. So now that you know more about me, let’s talk about how My Design Assistant could work for you.As you now know, I love interior design. I read about it, watch shows about it and seek opportunities to practice it. I also have worked in interior design as an assistant and am in t

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